Resin Ring - Coral Faceted Eco Resin Ring with Gold Flakes
Say hello to Spring!! These rings are a fun pinkish/orange coral color eco resin with gold flakes throughout... They are faceted all the way around giving it the appearance of a gem. Such a comfortable ring to wear, and it is perfect for stacking with other rings. Each piece goes through quite a process. We first make durable silicone moulds that will cast our jewelry. We take anything of interest- silver, gold & copper flakes, string, bark- and we put that into the moulds. The eco resin is then mixed, color is added, and the resin is poured and left to sit for one week. Once removed, each piece is carefully hand sanded through multiple grits of sandpaper and finally polished by hand. The listing is for ONE thin stacking ring with gold flakes. To check out more of my rings visit my shop! The last image shows two faceted rings stacked.