Sugar Scrub - 2 Rosemary Mint Shower mochi - Solid Body Scrubs
Size: 6 oz Vegan Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub, Shower Mochi is scented with a combination of a woody fragrance blended with rosemary, peppermint and spearmint essential oils. What is a Shower Mochi? A creamy cleanser and exfoliator made with sugar for all your dead skin sloughing needs. Our sugar scrubs it easy to exfoliate and moisturize without fiddling with spoons, jars and lids in the shower. We use rich cocoa butter and coconut oil to leave your sin soft and supple, Sweet sugar for exfoliation and a creamy lather to leave your skin freshly cleansed. Why use a sugar scrub? Sugar as an exfoliant can greatly improve the health of your skin. To exfoliate simply means to shed off the outer layer of dead skin cells so new ones can take their place. The glycolic acid produced by sugar is a powerful alpha hydroxy acid capable of loosening dirt, breaking up oil and dead skin cells. Frequent use of a sugar scrub makes skin smoother and helps the hydration process which in turn gives skin a healthy glow. How to use a Shower Mochi sugar scrub! Pull off a large gum ball size amount, or, cut your mochi into 6 equally sized pieces. Take one with you into the shower - get yourself wet and gently rub in a circular motion over your skin. Of course you want to skip over using on wounded skin - we don’t want to irritate already painful memories of bike crashes and freaky knitting accidents. And most certainly (possibly obviously), rinse well and enjoy your showering time. You will receive two, 6 ounce Shower Mochi sugar scrub which should last for 6 showers - or more depending on how much or little you choose to use. Best used within 3 months of receipt. Color changes may occur over time. You'll receive shipping confirmation via email which includes delivery confirmation.