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**PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER SO THAT WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED FROM YOU WHEN THE ORDER IS PLACED. THIS WILL PREVENT ANY DELAYS OR MISTAKES** 10 x 20 inch board with whatever quote you'd like (please specify in notes) This size chore board allows for up to 5 names. Vinyl Lettering (15) 4 inch tags hand painted up to 3 different colors of your choice (15) 10mm jump rings (these attach the tags to the board VERY easily) (10) cup hooks and 2 wall hangers w/screws attached to board In the drop down choices is where you will choose the color of your board and the two colors of the lettering for the board. Below are the rest of your options that you need to cut and paste into your order: ************************************************** IMPORTANT * IMPORTANT * IMPORTANT ************************************************** When placing the order, please cut and paste the following information into the notes section at checkout: * What quote would you like on your board? * Color of the tags (up to 3 colors)? * Names that you need personalized on the board? * Tags personalized with chores or blank (we do not charge extra)? * If you choose personalized, please list all 15 chores that you would like on your tags: If you need more than the 15 tags that come with this board, you can order extras from the following link: -------> WITHOUT THE ABOVE INFORMATION COMPLETE AND INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER, YOUR ORDER COULD BE DELAYED!! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CUT AND PASTE IT INTO THE "NOTE TO SELLER SECTION" AT CHECKOUT AND THAT IT IS COMPLETE AND ACCURATE <--------- We will personalize your tags for no additional charge. We use the same vinyl lettering as we do on the board to do this.) PLEASE CHECK OUR SHIPPING POLICY SECTION TO GET THE LATEST SHIPPING TIME FRAME! Chore Boards, Family Chores, Gift Idea, Family Names, Christmas Gifts, 10x20