Mini Crochet Cupcake Plushie
Mmmmm cupcakes!! Don't let them fool you though, they're cuddly, not delicious. These squishy treats are perfect for decorations or snuggling since they are child safe, and you can get just about any type of cupcake you like! *Add a cherry or a flower, frosting, or sprinkles too and in any "flavor" you like! Make it your very own, just don't forget to write it all down the the Notes to Seller section of your order. Please keep in mind that this item is made to order so it will not look exactly like any of the above pictures. Each of my pieces are unique in their own ways. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your item (i.e. it doesn't fit or you feel the item is not what you had in mind) please feel free to message me within 30 days of purchase so we can discuss a refund or exchange. Want to know more about me or see more of my work? Visit some of my pages: