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I sell gold, gold-filled- gold plated, gold overlay necklaces, bracelets, Rings, earrings, pins and many more. I have been a seller for past seven years. I have been a seller on Ebay for many years and had over 8000 transactions with satisfied customers. I sell Victorian, Edwardian and art deco jewelry as well as contamprory . Most of my jewelry items are antiques from past. Most of these jewelry items are what is called "old new stock" , meaning they reproduced by a certain company which operated in a certain period and the company don't exist anymore. That adds value to the item and makes it collectible. I work with old, antique, rare beads. I alternate the beads to make rings, pendents, earrings and much more. I have a taste for victorian style jewlery and try to make beautiful, unique styles. My jewlery set in 14k and 14k gold filled or sterling silver and my designs are exclusive to my shop only. Most of beads have holes in the bottom and I do not try to hide the hole with any decorative pin. I stronly suggest you pay attention to details & ask questions before buying anything. Etsy does not allow more than 5 photos, so i will be happy to send more photos. Positive experience of buyers are my main concern. If bought and not satisfied, please write back and state your problem and I will try my best. Not happy with what you bought, I can make another one or replace it. In my shop, you are happy or your money back. I deal with rare beads so availability is always limited specially with angel skin coral and opal. Every pair of earrings, rings or pendent will be different. My collections: To name some of the manufacturers of Gold Filled are A&Z company which operated between 1905 and 1975. The A and Z company Gold filled processing technique was one of a kind, most likely the 14 0r 18k gold bounded to sterling silver or copper in a 100mm thick layer. The gold filled products from this company are life time guaranteed as real gold. They can be treasured as gold and passed from generation to generation. AFJ, Albert, Monet, AMCO, KDS, Coro, Bugee & Niles as a symbol (B), Biliss Bass ( BBCO), Boxer & Bala (B.B.), CADORO, ESPO, Davinci are among many more which operated from 1800 to 1980's and made exceptional and collectible pieces. I am a collector and have a huge inventory of fine vintage jewelry. I know buying vintage jewelry not only adds beauty, but the feel of a vintage piece around your neck or around your finger that has been around for decades is different. Wearing vintage not only brings value to our heritage, but to most of us I guess, is make us to feel special and feel unique. Vintage and vintage style has been my passion for years. I love wearing it or displaying it around my house and hope my passion will inspire yours to become a vintage lover and spread the world by gifting someone a vintage piece of yesterday.
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