Hello! Welcome to Shoehorn Farm! I love all things hand made-- Those small details and the magic in creating things without the use of electricity or technology. It's not that I'm opposed to either of these things (and I do use them, of course), but to see something being done simply, and being done well-- I have a mountain of appreciation for that. Animals and the environment are also important to me, so I tend to do everything with that conscientious value in mind. I take pride that nearly all my animal fiber is from a friend's small Wisconsin sanctuary farm, which is run as a non-profit. By selling fiber and fiber products, I help her feed and care for her animals-- and by buying my products, so do you!

Payment Policy

Payment at Aftcraft is done through Paypal. I live in Wisconsin, so unfortunately, buyers from Wisconsin will have to be assessed regular sales tax in accordance with state law.

Shipping Policy

I try to keep shipping costs down-- Which means using First Class (when the package is light enough) or Priority. To save on shipping costs, nonbreakable items will be sent in an envelope when possible. Yarn, batts, and fiber are mailed in a poly-mailer, however, please do not store natural fibers in plastic for long periods. I will mail your purchase within 1-3 business days of receiving your payment. (usually within one day)

Refund & Exchange Policy

My goal is a happy customer, so it's best for me if you're satisfied with your purchase. If there is a problem, please contact me so we can work together to come up with a satisfying solution. I like to handle things case by case so we can decide what needs to be done together. Communication is always key! Contact me if you have an issue-- We will make it right, which may include a replacement, exchange, or refund... or other solution! Let's discuss it.

Other Policies

Please understand that monitor colors may vary. I will describe all items as carefully and detailed as possible. Please read the descriptions thoroughly and feel free to contact me if you need to ask questions. ( My items are crafted by hand and this is what makes them unique and gives them character. Do not expect two similar items to be exact matches. If they are similar on your screen, they will most likely be similar in person-- but similar doesn't mean exact duplicates. If you need them to match for some reason and want assurance on how similar they are, please ask. (If multiples are listed, I will always try to tell you if they are matches, or how closely they match) If you see something I've created, but it has already sold, feel free to contact me to see if another is available or if something similar could be made. HOW I DETERMINE YARN WEIGHT CLASSIFICATION USING WPI: I use the chart provided by Spinderella here: and wrap yarn for 2 inches, and then divide the number of wraps by 2 to give me WPI (wraps per inch). There really is no standardized, across-the-board guides for this, but having worked at a store called "Aunt Mary's Yarns" through my last 3 years of college, I think her chart seems pretty accurate. If you have a different standard you use, just use my WPI number to determine the weight on your chart. Most important, use the needle or hook that gives you the proper gauge as laid out in the pattern you are following. The weight classifications and needle/hook suggestions are just to give you a starting point. A special note for dyed fiber-- I generally do not use commercial mass-produced wool dyes. My dyes are nontoxic and do not harm the environment, and are colorfast. For this reason, I do not have dye-lots and there is not necessarily a stash of fiber that has been dyed identically. Please buy the quantity you expect to need, and have flexible plans (a "plan-B") in case you have under-estimated for your project. (I find some of my best creations happened when I had to problem solve!) Please use the same care you would use for all new natural yarns/fiber/fabrics... and most importantly remember: Agitation+temperature change+Soap=FELT. BEST WAYS TO STORE NATURAL FIBERS: Do not store in the plastic bags they are shipped in. This is for short-term shipping only. Natural Fibers like to breath, so a cardboard box, a basket, a drawer, a pillowcase kept in a dry area are all good storage methods for natural fiber. .

Contact Information

You can contact me, Lara Millis, at I also have a website at:

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