Rustic Twig Garden Markers – Pepper Collection Set of Six – Made to Order
This collection of rustic twig garden markers is for the pepper gardener! Use this set of seven (7) different varieties (aka cultivars) to help you and your family & friends remember which pepper plant is which. These woodburned twigs will look great in your pepper garden. This ready to ship collection of rustic twig garden markers includes: Jalapeño Pepper Chili Pepper Cayenne Pepper Sweet Bell Pepper Banana Pepper Thai Pepper Habanero Pepper Twigs for markers are gathered from fallen trees and branches on the ranch. This makes each marker unique, so please remember that your markers will NOT look exactly like the markers shown in the photos! Lengths range from 9”-14” and from thick to thin diameter. Please let me know in the comments section of your order if you have a preference in length and/or diameter and I will do my best to accommodate your request! Every marker is gathered & cut on the ranch, the bottom is whittled to a point and the top is rounded. The space for the writing is whittled and sanded smooth to make the words burned into the twig stand out. After the marker is shaped, the word(s) are burned by hand into the wood. Since each letter is hand burned, there will be imperfections. Some letters will be slightly tilted oneway or another, this just adds to the charm! These markers are eco-friendly, biodegradable and will last several growing seasons. When the markers have outlived their usefulness, they can be added to the compost pile or fireplace! Garden markers are great for both indoor & outdoor gardens, vegetable, flower & herb gardens, raised beds, containers & traditional rows or whatever style of gardening you want! These would make a great, unique gift for that gardener friend or family member! Also available are sets of markers for summer, spring, fall & winter gardens, companion plant sets, herb gardens, butterfly & bee gardens, flower gardens and rose gardens. If you have any questions or are interested in a custom order, do not hesitate to contact me at I ship worldwide. If you are outside the USA please email me at for an accurate shipping price. Thank you!