Handwoven Guitar Strap- Acoustic Guitar Strap- Electric Guitar Strap- Banjo Strap- Bass Strap-black- light blue- white, 2 1/4"
Handwoven Guitar Strap, Acoustic Guitar Strap, Electric Guitar Strap, Banjo Strap, Bass Strap,black, light blue, and white, 2 1/4", adjustable to 58" Some of the uses for inkle bands are purse straps, belts, hat bands, camera straps, key fobs, dog leashes, dog and cat collars, lanyards, guitar straps, trim for SCA or Renn Faire clothes and handfasting bands. Handwash, air dry. If you see something you like, but not your colors, send me a message I will do a special order. Thank you for stopping by.