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My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. I find it soothing, and it gives my hands something to do: I am one of those people who likes to be busy all the time. I began making Shawls several years ago and I love making them. My shawls are one-of-a-kind creations, and are made with the wearer in mind. All of them are machine wash and dry, and are dry-cleanable. These shawls make wonderful, warm, and snuggle-ly gifts for Grandma and Grandpa, friends and family members, and are lovely and thoughtful gifts for those recovering from illnesses. Many people have purchased them for Cancer patients, and for post-surgery patients. The added bonus is that they last forever - much longer than flowers, and are used and appreciated more. They are an endless Hug that warms the heart and soul for both the Giver and Receiver. Cuddle Sets are a specialty of mine. They are sets of shawls for 3: An adult size shawl, a medium size shawl, and a small shawl, that are all woven with a matching design, and are elegant, fun, and full of love! An example set might be one given to Mom, or Dad, one to a child, and one for the child's favorite doll or toy, or one for a Grandparent, a Child, and that child's favorite toy, or perhaps, big sister, little sister and little sister's favorite toy - the combinations are endless! Imagine giving a Cuddle Set to a new Mom-To-Be as a Shower Gift, or New Baby Gift! Or an extra special way to announce that new baby's coming to Grandma and Grandpa - by giving them a beautifully wrapped Cuddle Set! Unique and oh so fun! I give many shawls away during the holidays to those confined to nursing homes, and the delight in those who receive them is overwhelming! I am told that my shawls are likened to security blankets. My Cozy Shawls are crocheted using a double strand of yarn, so they are blanket weight, soft and, well, cozy. They make for fabulous Mother's Day, Birthday, and Holiday Gifts! My Breezy Shawls are an all-season shawl, crocheted with one strand of yarn and suitable year 'round. Elegant for an evening out, yet practical enough for every day use! Everyone tells me they keep their shawls at arm's reach, relying on them almost daily! Whether you gift one to yourself, or to a loved one, I am sure you'll enjoy the shawl tremendously, and would love hearing back from you with your thoughts - send me a picture of you or a loved one in their new shawl and I will post it on my Facebook page! Thank you for stopping by my store, and if there is a shawl, or a Cuddle Set you would like customized, just send me an email and I'll get it done for you. To order a fully customized shawl by choosing your own colors and size, you can visit my custom design page on Etsy at: I also work as the administrative assistant to the board of directors of a major non-profit organization, and love helping people, and doing what I do. Again, I Thank You for stopping by, and I hope you will stop by often to see what's new! You never know what might pop up in my store!
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