Shantara's Soaps

Goats Milk Soaps Handmade in Virginia!

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Brookneal, VA
Owned By
Anita Martin
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Got dry, itchy, cracked, alligator, winter skin? How about oily, acne-prone teenager skin? Well, whatever kind of skin you've got, we've got the healing you need for it! We've got neem soaps, jewelweed soaps, oatmeal soaps, detox soaps, sea salt soaps, mangy dog soaps, and even soaps for TEETH! We got lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary. We've got Love Spells, and Honey soap, soaps with fruit, and soaps with yogurt too! We've got hippy soap, and beach soap, and soap for backyard cabin bathing...or maybe just dreaming about backyard cabin come on in, buy some soap, and get your good-smell on!