Twin Handmade Shopping Cart Cover, keeps baby away from germs, for two Girls, Sam's, Aldi's, BJ's, Costco
This Shopping Cart Cover is made of quilted cotton, providing additional padding for your youngster; and it covers the handle and sides of the shopping cart basket, keeping your baby's hands off the germs. Convenience and cleanliness is the goal! The cover is made of pre-quilted cotton, making a double thick layer of fabric for extra cushion, and has elastic around the edge of the skirt, allowing it to fit several different size shopping carts, including Sam's, BJ's, Cosco, and Aldi's carts. Notice the convenience and safety features this cover has: 1. Hook and loop fastener in the front to keep the baby from pulling the cover off the handle of the cart 2. Strap to buckle in the baby, and 3. Strap to attach to the cart, so you don't have to use the dirty cart buckle 4. Elastic to fit several different size carts 5. two loops to hold toys so they doesn't get dropped 6. Two single, large, nicely edged leg hole, so there's no need to waste time matching the leg holes with those of the cart Note: Don't leave a child unattended in a shopping cart, even when buckled.