Sea Stones Touchstone Wine Glass Granite and Cherry Holder, Barware, Wine Glasses
The Pirouette is form and function in chorus. It serves both as a display for your favorite collection of our Stone-Stemmed Wine Glasses and keeps them close at hand and easy to enjoy. Our Pirouette combines the warmth of cherry wood and the timelessness of granite. It inspires you to get your glassware out from hiding in the cabinets and front and center on the countertop, ready to use and relish. Our Pirouette is named for the elegant ballet movement it executes effortlessly. Set on a high quality ball bearing, the Pirouette spins gracefully as it securely holds our Touchstone Wine Glasses. Like swirling wine in a glass, it represents the delight of enjoying the dance of conversation with friends. Includes 4 Touchstone Wine Glasses. The Pirouette measures approximately 8”W x 8”D x 12”H. Granite base color will vary naturally.