New  Large 2014 Seashell Bouquet / Beach Bouquet/ Destination Bouquet/ Seaside Bouquet/ Summer Bouquet/ Wedding Bouquet
The seashell bouquet is a creative alternative to a flower bouquet if you are having a summer, destination, cruise or beach wedding. These seashell bouquet will add the perfect, creative touch to your special day and be around to enjoy for many years after. Each bouquet is individually handcrafted from seashells, then arranged into a unique seashell flower bouquet that any ocean bride could wish for. Bouquet can be custom to meet the brides wishes. Each bouquet will have slight variations to make each a unique bouquet. This bouquet is 30 1/4 inches round, measures approx. 16 inches from tip of front starfish, up over middle shell to middle of the back of bouquet. It weighs approx. 2 1/4 lbs and will continue to give pleasure as a home decoration well after the wedding and will be a treasured memory long after the special day. Note: This featured bouquet has a one of a kind featured middle shell. No others available at this time; however other one of a kind shells are standing by for additional orders. E-mail me with what questions you may have. I look forwarded to working with you, Sharon