Beach-A-Holic Cuff Bracelet
The Sea Gypsy Beach Cuff Collection My pieces are designed to be worn as you go about your day... a comfortable, practical, casual beachy-chic statement. Sea Gypsy handcrafts to honor our beach, and the wearer. Each piece is designed and fabricated in house by hand. The cuffs look stylish worn individually or as a group. I tend to wear mine in groups of 3 at a time so that I can hear the chimes they make as I move through my day. During a 7 step process; each cuff is sized, cut, flatted and formed by hand, some are textured while others are smooth, hand stamped one letter at a time to provide a rustic touch, then finally finished to a high polish in my little studio. The charm of these cuffs develops as it ages. Unique patinas will develop with each wear to change the surface colors. I have included images of a polished cuff, which you will receive, alongside a cuff that has been worn and has developed patinas which give the cuff it’s own personality. Each cuff patinas differently based on the elements it is exposed to. I personally love the patina that develops after exposure to saltwater after a week of surfing, swimming, and bodyboarding in the Atlantic Ocean…the greens are just “beachy”. This listing is for 1 cuff bracelet. I do my best to provide images that reflect a true sense of the polished copper of the cuff but please keep in mind that each viewing screen is different so colors may vary upon arrival. I believe everyone has a story to tell...I tell mine with metal so if you are interested in a custom stamped bracelet, please contact me directly. We can create it, personalized just for you! Lengths between 7 and 7.5 inches.