Wooden Spoon and Spatula Set - Walnut Wood - Ambidextrous
I carved these unique utensils entirely by hand from pieces of domestic hardwood salvaged from urban timber. They feel comfortable in the hand, and they are suited to all normal kitchen uses—stirring, mixing, and serving. The spatula is excellent for stir-frying and other stovetop mixing jobs. They can be safely used in all types of pots and pans, including those with a nonstick coating. Because these items are handmade, you may notice natural color variations in the wood, as well as occasional tool marks. With care, they will give you many years of service in your kitchen. Material: Black walnut wood Size: Spoon is 12.5" long; Spatula is 11" long Handedness: Suited to both right-handed and left-handed people Care Directions: Wash your new utensil before using. Hand wash only—never put any wooden item in the dishwasher. Avoid letting wooden items soak for long periods of time. The oil finish may dull over time. You can let kitchen oils gradually replace the original finish, or you can restore it yourself by flooding the surface with a drying oil, such as walnut oil or butcher block oil, then wiping off the excess and letting the item dry overnight, repeating if necessary. Above all, enjoy cooking with your spoon. Guarantee and Return Policy: Unused utensils may be returned for a full refund (not including return shipping) within 30 days of purchase. Should these utensils ever break in the course of normal kitchen use, you may mail the remains back to me (at your expense), and I will make you a free replacement of approximately the same shape/size/color, subject to wood availability. This is my lifetime guarantee—my lifetime, not yours.