The "Barbed Byzantine" Chainmaille Bracelet
The weave: This weave is a variation of a traditional Byzantine, with "barbs" over its length. The weave consists of 20 gauge rings in 5/32" and 1/8" diameters. Our metal: We start with a large spool of aluminum wire then coil, cut, clean, and polish our own rings. Aluminum is a non-reactive metal used in a wide range of consumer products from cans and foils, to antacids. In the four years we have been working with this metal, we have had no allergy issues with either our customers or ourselves. Our wire is 100% nickel free and 100% lead free! Size: Please specify the desired length for your bracelet by measuring you wrist and adding ½” for the perfect fit. Please use the comment section to note the length you’d like. If length is left blank, we will ship our default length of 7”. Keep in mind that the weave ends with a short tail so the final length is variable to some degree. FREE SHIPPING within the US