Growth Chart - salvaged barn wood - siding / lumber
We do not make wood look old. We spend countless hours restoring and creating from original heritage wood. My wood supply may vary at times but I most likely have the color and look you are desire. In the picture you will notice that not all the boards appear to be even. That is do to me making the most use of the material on hand. I start the ruler at different numbers to take advantage of the overall length of the board. When looking to purchase please just message me and we can clarify which item color length you will receive. Please feel free to contact us with special requests. Thank you for looking. Salvaged Creation Each one of a kind growth ruler is carefully hand painter and sealed with a hook mounted for installation. Each piece has the "Salvaged Creation" logo branded in the rear of the piece to certify it is 100% salvaged original lumber. Instagram - @salvagedcreation Facebook - Salvaged Creation