Safe Travels Specialty Apparel Travel Tunic
Keep your money, phone, credit cards, and passport safe when traveling! The Safe Travels Specialty Apparel Traveling Tunic is cute and stylish, but also serves an important function- to protect against pick pockets! With two hidden pockets, this tunic is safer than a purse. Keep your purse lightweight and for style! Both pockets are on the front of the tunic tucked under a button and an attractive flap. Under the flap is a zipper so all your belongings stay put! The button adds an extra measure of security so when the zipper and button are closed pick pockets can't win! The shoulders on this tunic has a fun gathered detail to give it a nice touch. The V-neck is flattering, but also still provides modest coverage if you are traveling to areas of the world where that is an issue. This tunic comes with a longer detachable belt. If you like a more roomy and flowy shirt, leave the belt at home! For a more fitting look, wrap the belt around your waist and tie in front. Looks adorable either way! *skirt not included. Who doesn't love poppies! The color of this tunic is a beautiful vibrant red with a white background. With a little greenery for accent color and the black in the middle of the poppy flower, you are going to stand out and look phenomenal! The material is a gorgeous 97% cotton/ 3% lycra spandex. The material is very soft and has a little more structure to it. It's not super light weight, but will still be cool in the summer. This tunic is made to order and comes in size S-XL. Please see the size chart in the pictures above. This tunic should be long enough for most people to cover your bottom. Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle. NO bleach! hang or lay to dry, medium iron. If outside the US, please contact me about shipping. Please message with any questions! As Always, Thank you for looking and Safe Travels! Safe Travels Specialty Apparel Travel Tunic, Hidden Pockets, Travel Tunic with Pockets, Striped Tunic, Shirt with Pockets, Wanderlust *please note, no accessory or item is ever 100% pick pocket or theft proof. Be smart when you're in a crowd and aware of how you access your pockets. This is a pattern that I worked very hard on and created myself. Please, out of respect for my work and being a small business owner, do not copy it.