Made to Order Zip Tie Fidget Spinner
Make sure to check out our Facebook page Check the page for information as well as giveaways! Fidget Spinner made from zip ties and metal nuts and bolts. They weigh about 2-3 oz and are very compact. Average spin time is about 1 minute 10 seconds but gets better during use. These are perfect for a young child's small hands as I have tested them with my children. Note: THEY LOVE THEM! Multiple colors are available and I can make them to order. Current colors I have are Neon Yellow, Pinkish/Purple, Orange, Blue, Black and White. I have 2 options for "thumb sticks" - cork or nut and bolt. Mix and match colors to your liking or buy the one you see in the pictures! If you would like any color not listed then it could delay shipping. Shipping is via USPS. Any questions please send me a message. NOTE: LOCAL DELIVERY - If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and purchase any of my products personal delivery is a free service I provide. Please message me before purchasing. For anything made-to-order please let me know what colors you want for the Inner, Outer and Stabilizer ties. Outer - 3 ties that will be around the entire outer edge of the spinner. These can be different colors. Inner - 3 ties that are tied between the nuts and the ball bearing in the middle. These can be different colors. Stabilizer - 3 small ties that go through each nut. These can be different colors