Bike Chain Fidget Spinner
Make sure to check out our Facebook page Check the page for information as well as giveaways! This fidget spinner is made from a bicycle chain and a skateboard ball bearing. Also, the bearing is removable in case you want to buy another bearing of a different color or for cleaning purposes. Three styles of thumb sticks are available: Cork, Nut and Bolt or Nickel-Plated Iron Screw Post. Very quiet and spins for about 2 minutes. This size does work well with children's small hands and is perfect for an adult. This has to be my favorite spinner I've made! AVAILABILITY: Some of the materials used may be different depending on the availability in the market. Specifically the bike chain itself - some of the bike chains used may look slightly different due to selling out locally. Rest assured that the quality of this product will be of the highest quality possible! NOTE: LOCAL DELIVERY - If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and purchase any of my products personal delivery is a free service I provide. Please message me before purchasing.