Colorful Rustic Earrings (Painted Twine, Handmade earrings, Twine Earrings, Stud Earrings, Turquoise, Unique Earrings)
Looking for some colorful, unique earrings? Look no further! These earrings are handcrafted -- I paint twine, wrap it in a spiral, and glue each piece to a titanium, hypoallergenic earring post. Then, I paint the earrings with an acrylic sealant to protect the twine, and give it a nice, shiny look. They are really light to wear. These earrings currently come in Cream, Crimson, Bright Orange, Sunshine Yellow, Mint Green, Lime Green, Forest Green, Turquoise, Bright Blue, Navy Blue, Lavender, Plum, Rose Pink, and Bronze. I am also creating multi-colored options, and have completed Turquoise/Navy and Forest Green/Bronze. Don't see the color(s) of your dreams? Choose "Custom" under the color choices, and message me with your choice of colors (up to 2)! (Please note that not all available colors are pictured.) Didn't find what you are looking for? Check out my shop page to check out my other items! If you have any questions, please ask! I can be reached at