120" x 15" Inch Burlap Table Runners (Fit 8ft Long Tables)
120" Inches Long x 15" Wide: Burlap Table Runners: These burlap table runners fit your 8ft long, rectangle banquet tables. (Seat ~8-10 guests). - Dimensions: 120" inches long, by 15" inches wide. - Features: sewn around all four edges. - Overhang: If you're fitting this to a 8ft rectangle table, you will typically have ~12 inches overhang on either side of table. -----------------------Other Options--------------------------- Pair with burlap banners: http://goo.gl/NpmHW9 OR Silverware holders: http://goo.gl/iaLjio **Runners are also available in the following sizes from our shop** - 60"x12": Miscellaneous Use Runners http://goo.gl/bWu2pr - 78"x15": Fit 4 foot long tables http://goo.gl/xSchns - 90"x12": Fit 5' long tables http://goo.gl/ilwP6k - 90"x15": Fit 5' round tables http://goo.gl/yQGtSz - 90"x20": Fit 5' round tables/diningroom tables http://goo.gl/k0gExi - 102"x12": Fit 6' long tables http://goo.gl/8JrVgy - 102"x15": Fit 6' round tables http://goo.gl/5gkJNu - 120"x12": Fit 8' long tables http://goo.gl/lwYXLg - 120"x15": Fit 8' round tables http://goo.gl/ZJSaEf - 20 Feet x 12 Inches: For long head tables http://goo.gl/cDgEGF