Medium Adjustable Leather Belt, 35" to 43" Waist Size, 1-1/4" Wide
This is a listing for a "made-to-order" item, the making process requires more time than an "in-stock" item. Introducing the last belt that you should ever need. Tired of your belts not fitting properly after a few months because of body changes? Tired of buying belts that fall apart after a short period of time? Tired of buying belts that are not made from real leather and never properly fit even though you think you got the right size? My adjustable belt will put an end to all of that and at a price that is worth it. There are some adjustable belts on the market that use a ratcheting device that is embedded into the tongue of the belt and works with the "special" buckle to make simple adjustments; problem with these belts is that the buckles can wear out quickly and the ratchet strip is made of plastic and wears out even faster. My belt design uses the simple method of adjustment by simply moving the placement of a 2-prong strap hook to another set of adjustment holes that are part of the buckle end of the belt. The two portions of the belt work with each other to give you a true fit for your needs and also allowing for changes in body weight or clothing thickness. You can adjust your belt at any time and in any place without issue. The leather belt strap is carefully hand-cut from heavy weight (9 to 10 oz.) full-grain U.S. Steerhide that has been naturally tanned over several months using natural plant oils, tannins, and organic elements to create the finest and most durable leather that is available. Unlike those store bought cheapo belts that use highly altered, chemically tanned leathers (if they use any real leather at all) vegetable-tanned leather is far superior in strength, durability, and versatility and it is unmatched by any other material. To bring it all together in a stylish design I have carefully sourced and selected a range of low-lead solid brass hardware items that are available in 4 different finishes. The strap hooks and strap loops are hand-riveted and permanently secured for a very long life of daily use; the belt buckle is secured using Chicago screws so that you can change out the buckle if you so desire. All hardware items are perfectly color matched to add to the designer look and because they are made from solid brass they won't rust. Leather colors are achieved through a careful application of permanent deep penetrating dyes (unless you choose the "Naked"/Natural Leather option) that are guaranteed not to run, bleed out, fade, or rub off and the finish is sealed in using a top coat sealer to help protect against the elements. Just choose your leather color and hardware finish and I will do the rest. If you would like to add heat embossed personalization to the tip of your belt, just add the Personalization Upgrade product listing to your order (select style and provide letters required) to make it a one-of-a-kind item for sure.