Snap Ring Key Fob, Handmade, Leather, Stamped Emblem, Light Brown, Nickel Plate Hardware
This is a listing for an "in-stock and ready to ship" item, shipping time is based on processing and confirmation of payment requirements. Keep your keys on a ring that is easy to find and also identifies you with this beautiful handmade leather key fob that you can attach to your belt loop or on a ring of your handbag, briefcase, or even your backpack. Handmade from the finest natural full-grain vegetable-tanned steerhide from one of only a handful of remaining U.S. tanneries that has been family owned and operated since the 1800's and carefully hand-stamped with a 3-D emblem/image for a deep and noticeable impression. Every step of the process is completed entirely by hand to ensure that only finest craftsmanship is achieved and that the end result is a fine leather item that you will enjoy using every day and cherish for decades to come. * 100% handmade * Full-grain, vegetable-tanned steerhide: the strongest and finest leather that exists and the only leather that can be customized with artwork, colors, and more * Hand-cut, stamped, dyed, finished, and assembled; no machines of any kind are used in the creation process * High-end designer hardware that has been specially selected for a truly unique look while also emphasizing durability * Guaranteed to provide decades of use and to develop an even richer color over those years (this is a characteristic unique to this type of leather only) Total length, without keys: 6.25", width: 1.25". Each key fob of this style starts with a strap of leather that is approximately 10.5" long and 1.25" wide; I then taper each end of the strap down to the proper width to easily accommodate the swivel snap ring and key ring. The next step of the process is dampen the leather (another unique feature of this type of leather that can not be done with any other type of leather on the market) so that the desired image/emblem can be stamped deep into the leather to create a bold design (other styles can include intricately hand-carved and tooled designs that kick the overall look up a few notches). Once the leather has completely dried from the artistic step of the process it is time to be colored; this is accomplished with the use of the best and most used dyes/stains and finishes from another U.S. based and family owned and operated business that has been going since the 1800's (noticing a theme here yet?; everything is from U.S. family owned businesses that have been doing this for over 100 years so they obviously know what they are doing and they are sought after by us, the Professional Leather Worker). After the coloring/finishing process is done the outer edges of the leather are carefully beveled down and then burnished to close off the fibers from wear and create a beautiful finished appearance; this is all done entirely by hand using hand-tools that have been specially designed for this purpose. Now that the leather has been finished it is time to add some conditioner and sealer; for this I use my own blend of waxes and oils (all 100% natural and Organic) so that your leather item(s) will maintain their beauty, luster, suppleness, and also protect against exposure to the elements (the waxes also help give a bit of moisture resistance; full water proof cannot be achieved though with real leather regardless of what some sellers may claim). The final step of the process is to install the hardware; this achieved through one of two methods: riveted with solid brass hardware or stainless steel hardware (both selected for their resistance to tarnish/rust) or, hand-stitched using the Saddle Stitch method (this creates a stitch that DOES NOT come apart in the event of a stitch wearing through; unlike what happens to everything else we own that has been sewn on a machine). The materials, supplies, hardware, and techniques that are used to create these fine leather items are what results in the only leather goods that can truly stand the test of time and daily use and are the only leather items that actually get stronger, better, and more beautiful with time and use; you can't get that from any other commercially made like items and I can guarantee that too.