Oval Funky Fish Earrings Sterling Silver Wave Handmade Ear Wires
I'm not sure how to describe the fish on these handmade earrings: funky, offbeat, bizarre? The pair of fish are the stars of these large, flat, dangling oval earrings. The fish look tribal, maybe part skeleton, and they are on a background of waves. They are entirely made of sterling silver. These earrings are a bold choice. You know who you are! Both the oval dangles and the hand forged sterling silver ear wires are my own design. These fish are made from sterling metal clay. It allows me to put amazing textures in metal. These fish look really cool with raised smooth parts, small circular indentations and lots of spiky fins. They look like they're not quite all there, like maybe a fish you might find washed up on the beach. I put each fish, one swimming up, one down, on a background of waves. I added a patina because I wanted these to look kind of ancient and tribal. I made ear wires to match that were as unique as the rest of it; that repeat the oval pattern in the curls that the fish dangle from. Sterling silver metal clay is relatively new medium. It starts out in clay form, but after firing in the kiln some of the material in the clay burns away, but the silver in the clay doesn't burn away, it just fuses together and becomes metal. Check out the last picture to see a picture of them before I put them in the kiln. I have added a patina, then polished the raised parts, to show the texture better. Then I finished it off with a wax sealant which should help keep it from tarnishing further. Although each pair is essentially the same, because they are handmade, they will not be identical. There will be very minor differences. Important Facts: Size: almost 1/2" wide by 1 1/2 inches long (approx 24 x 38 mm) Length: 2 1/4" including ear wires (56 mm) Weight: 4 - 5 grams per earring Shanghai Tai Unique Artisan Jewelry Stock #E0307