Tree Pendant, Textured Glass and Fine Silver, One of a Kind
If you are looking for a unique pendant with a tree design, "NIGHT BREEZE" is for you. This stunning handmade pendant is made from iridescent fused glass and fine silver metal clay (PMC). It has a tree branch design textured into the glass. I named . It is truly one of a kind (OOAK). It's also reversible, so it's like getting two pendants in one. This pendant is totally handmade. There is no mold. I couldn't make another exactly like it even if I tried. First I made the fused glass cabochon. The glass is an iridescent pewter grey, with little gold lines running horizontally though it. I used a texture plate to give it a tree branch design. The tree branches didn't have any leaves, and the lines pass through them like the wind. That's how it became "NIGHT BREEZE". It reminded me of how the cold wind blows through the almost bare branches at night late in the fall, say October or November. There are hardly any leaves left on the trees then, but there are always just a few still hanging on. So I decided to add some leaves. I enclosed the glass in fine silver metal clay (PMC). I made the textured bail with a leaf design to match the tree motif. Then I added a few leaves made out of rolled out thick metal clay. I also added a few more background leaves made from brushed on liquid metal clay. Unfortunately, I don't think the little smudgy background leaves will be permanent. I suspect they will eventually wear off, just like the leaves eventually fall off the tree. And then you will be left with the four leaves up top. The rest of it, including the tree design, is permanent, and will not wear off. Since the back was domed I decided to make NIGHT BREEZE reversible. So you have the additional option of wearing the plain black side. That gives you more opportunities to wear it. It can go from casual wear to the office to an evening out. It is a very original and unusual piece and is sure to get noticed. Note: when uploading these pictures I realized this shows the pendant on a 2 mm rubber cord. I have replaced this with a 3.5 mm braided leather cord. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to get new pictures soon. This pendant is approximately 2 1/4 inches long (55 cm), including the bail. It comes with a black rubber cord with sterling silver end caps and spring ring clasp. The cord it is currently on is 16" (approximately 40 mm). If you would prefer it longer, say 18 or 20 inches, just be sure and let me know. It would also look great with a sterling silver cord or chain, as long as it is heavy enough. I wouldn't use a sterling cord less than 2mm in diameter. The tree is symbolic to many cultures. It's roots go deep in the earth while it's branches reach towards the heavens. Therefore it represents a link between heaven and earth. It also represents the circle of life: The leaves fall off, it appears to die, only to have new growth in the spring. Since the fifth anniversary is wood, a tree can also be an anniversary gift. Metal clay is made from particles of metal (in this case fine silver) mixed with an organic binder to make a clay. After putting the clay around the glass and letting it dry thoroughly, I fire it in the kiln. The organic material burns away and the clay shrinks up, leaving only the metal behind. All the silver used in the pendant is fine silver. This means it is 99.9% silver. (This is a higher silver content than sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver.) Shanghai Tai Unique artisan jewelry Stock #P0502