Lantern Earrings, Fine Silver, Cultured Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Ear Wires
Pale pink pearls peek through the oval windows in these "Lantern Earrings." The lanterns themselves are made of fine silver (.999) with a delicate floral texture. There is an oval cut out on all four sides that is a window to the pearl. The pearls are genuine cultured freshwater. Because the earrings are fairly large, they hang from long artisan ear wires forged from Argentium sterling silver wire. These earrings were inspired by Chinese lanterns. The lanterns each have four sides and a top. The bottom is open. I made each section by hand and then assembled them. For this reason, each side is unique. They have a detailed raised floral design. I have buffed them so the bright silver shines against the colored patina of the background. I protected them with a jeweler's wax. The pearls are ones that I imported myself. I would have picked them out by hand when I was in the Shanghai area. They probably originated from Suzhou. Freshwater pearls are often dyed or irradiated to give them color. I think these are the actual natural color, but I am not 100% certain. They are what I call near round -- they are not perfectly round. They do have slight flaws, but they have a very nice pale pink color and good luster. The pearls dangle from inside the lanterns. I made the ear wires from Argentium sterling silver twist wire. It has a slightly higher silver content and doesn't tarnish as easily as regular sterling. I thought the detail of the twist wire would go nicely with the fine detailed floral pattern in the lanterns. Both the fine silver in the lanterns and the Argentium ear wires are made from recycled silver. Important Info: Size: (checking) Pearl Size: approximately 9 to 9.5 mm Ships in a gift box made of recycled paper Shanghai Tai LLC Unique Artisan Jewelry Handmade in the USA #E0312