Mens Dragon Pendant, Fine Silver, Handmade With Sterling Snake Chain
This handmade men's silver dragon pendant necklace is one of a kind (OOAK), because it has so much silver in it, I doubt I will make another one the same as this. I took the dragon design off an old tin(?) bottle that I bought in the old town area of Shanghai. The pendant is made from silver precious metal clay. It has nearly 28 grams of fine silver. I have listed it as a men's pendant because it is big, heavy and very masculine looking, but it could be unisex. It is a very impressive pendant. This is a Chinese dragon. He is facing the front of the pendant. Towards the bottom in the center you will see he is holding a little round ball. This is the pearl of fire. Chinese dragons seem to always have the pearl of fire. The dragon is enclosed by a diamond design around all four sides. On the top I made a bail that is rolled like a tube. I wanted a heavy bail to match the heavy pendant. I have added a heavy sterling silver snake chain. The chain is really cool. It's not round, oval, so it looks wide and flat. It looks awesome with the pendant. Precious metal clay is clay that is made of metal and an organic binder. After making the piece, it is fired in my kiln. All the organic material burns out and only the metal is left. This pendant is fine silver, which is .999 silver (as opposed to sterling silver which is .925). Important Facts: Size: approximately 1" wide x 1 3/4" long (26 x 43 mm). Bail: opening is approximately 4mm in diameter chain diameter: 1.4 x 3.4 mm chain length: 18" (45 mm) I have initialed the pendant on the back along with the ".999" designation. Roxanne Coffelt Unique Artisan Jewelry Stock #P0211