Hummingbird Pendant Fine Silver, Silk Ribbon Necklace, Handmade OOAK
This little hummingbird flying over a round dichroic glass orb is a one of a kind (OOAK) piece of jewelry. I made the glass myself in addition to the rest of the oval fine silver (.999) pendant. The bail is sterling silver. I made a custom design on the reverse of the pendant, and also signed it with my initials. To finish it off, I added a pale yellow-green silk fairy ribbon, which makes the length adjustable. The front features a sculpted hummingbird flying with his wings outstretched. Below him is a round piece of dichroic glass that I made myself. He almost looks as if he's flying over the moon! The glass is sort of sparkly, and mostly a very pale yellow, with maybe some hints of pink or purple. It is held in place with a silver bezel. The background and the bezel is textured to give it an earthy, organic look. There is a domed spot at the top where the bail is attached. Because the design on the front is completely made by hand, this pendant is truly one of a kind (OOAK). The bail is made of a high silver content, somewhere between .925 (sterling) and .999 (fine silver). So legally it can be called a sterling silver bail. The back of the pendant is from a texture plate that I made myself. This is a much flatter line design, more like a drawing. At the top of the oval pendant is a Chinese style cloud. Below the cloud is another hummingbird flying, wings behind him. Below the hummingbird, at the bottom left is three flowers. At the bottom right is my initials and the tai character. I made this pendant using fine silver metal clay. This clay is made of microscopic particles of silver mixed with an organic binder. After I shape, dry and sand the pendant I fire it in my kiln. The high temperatures burn away everything that isn't metal. What is left is 99.9% pure silver, also known as fine silver. I have added a liver of sulfur patina to this pendant to bring out the details, and then polished it. The delicate looking silk fairy ribbon is actually very strong. (They can actually make bullet proof vests out of silk!) It is 32" (80 cm) long so you can tie it at whatever length you prefer. Some days you may want to turn the pendant around and wear the reverse! The last picture shows my thumb to give you an idea of the size. Important Facts: Pendant size: 46 mm (1 13/16") including 7 mm bail length Bail opening: 6 x 3.9 mm Ribbon length: 32" (80 cm) Ribbon width: approx 16 mm (5/8) This ships in a gift box. Roxanne Coffelt Unique Artisan Jewelry #P0505