Horse hair urn vessel raku fired HH258
Horse hair vessel urn 258 7.2"h x 5.2"w 85 cubic inches Wheel thrown raku fired with horse hair and feathers with wooden and copper additions. Horse hair pottery is a unique technique combining an ancient Japanese firing method with the application of a horse's tail hair. There is no glaze on the surface of the piece. It is said that the inspiration for these vessels originated with Native Americans. My current work in this medium combines Western Raku techniques with the application of horse hair and other materials, such as turkey feathers and plants during the firing. Each piece of pottery is handmade by me on the pottery wheel using white stoneware or porcelain clay body. After throwing, smoothing, trimming, burnishing, and bisque firing, the pot is ready to fire. The bisque pots are loaded into the Raku kiln and the temperature is brought up to approximately 1200 degrees. The pots are then carefully removed, one at a time and the horsehair is applied to the extremely hot pot. Instantly the hair starts to vaporize on the surface of the pot, squiggling and dancing around the surface of the piece, painting it's image on the pot, leaving behind carbon black lines. never are two piece alike. The pieces are then washed, dried, and hand waxed with a quality paste wax. Retail prices range from under $50.00 to over $800.00.