Custom Painted and Threaded Art! Personalize Your Own! 3-6 Letters. 129 and up!
Custom painted/melted and threaded art! Personalize your office, kid's room or any area of your home or office! I can work with you on the color and pattern on the canvas and the tack and thread color! Price starts at $129 and it is $14 a letter for each letter over 3 on a 16x20 canvas and can be adjusted down or up depending on the length of the word/name and canvas size! Up to 7 letters on a 16x20 canvas. Specify in a message what word, colors and background you would like. **Canvas is wrapped all the way around and stapled to the back. On painted canvases, the sides are painted. Melted canvases are not finished on the sides.** Signed on back.