Dreamcatcher Jewelry Set - Turquoise Necklace Set - Turquoise Earring Set - Turquoise Bracelet Set - Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace - Faux
This stunning faux turquoise jewelry set will have you day dreaming about lemon sherbet sunsets over the dusty red plains of the Wild West. Inspired by the symbol of the Dreamcatcher, this jewelry set was handmade using faux turquoise beads, silver plated charms and spacers and a dangling silver Dreamcatcher charm. Dreamcatchers are thought to protect slumbering innocents from nightmares by catching them in its silvery web before they have a chance to enter your head. When you wear this striking jewelry set you will not only look dreamy, you will walk with the confidence of a girl protected from harm. The necklace measures aprox 22" and the bracelet measures approximately 8"