Vintage and modern, unique, handmade jewelry

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Jersey City, NJ
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Jennifer Hutzel
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Rita Picker and Jennifer Hutzel, mother and daughter, have been crafting unique, handmade pieces of jewelry for many years. They have a variety of styles and designs made with a wide array of materials such as wire, metal, stones, beads, shells, glass, and findings. They use mainly sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold-plated metal and wire. The stones are mostly Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, or gems. Also common in much of their jewelry is the use of recycled or up-cycled materials. They enjoy scavenging at thrift stores, yard sales, and their friends' jewelry boxes to find single earrings, old necklaces, watches, pins, and other interesting pieces that no longer have any use. These findings are incorporated into their jewelry along with new material to create a one-of-a kind modern vintage look. We hope you will be pleased with the high quality of our items as each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.