The Solomon's Dragon Bracelet
The Solomon's Dragon Bracelet is a very cool spin on the traditional Solomon paracord bracelet. We tie this one in the traditional Solomon knot, then add a third color to make the "dragon teeth", and finish it off with a matching side-release buckle. We think it makes for a really cool bracelet, and we know y'all will like it too! We are happy to make this in any color combination you would like. Please see the colors section below for more information about custom colors. And be sure to let us know what colors you want for each specific part of the bracelet (the teeth, the center, and the edges). We also tie all of our paracord bracelets to fit you just right. Please see the sizing section below to learn how to find your size and get a bracelet that fits like a glove. *Colors- If you are interested in another color of cord for this bracelet, please feel free to visit and check out all their options. Just shoot us a message and let us know what color/pattern you would like. We do have some in stock and will ship out the bracelets by the next business day if we have your choice of cord in stock. If we have to order the cord in, it will take 3-4 days for us to get it in, but then the bracelet will ship out the next day. We will let you know if we have your chosen color available or if it will need to be ordered when you send us a message. All of Paracord Galaxy's 550 cord is made in the USA, and is some of the best stuff you can get. **Sizing- To find your wrist measurement, simply follow these easy steps and let us know what the measurement is. First: Take a tape measure or a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist until both ends touch without leaving any slack. You don't want it so tight that things go numb or you cut off circulation, just snug yet comfortable. Next: Mark the string or tape measure where both ends meet. Use a ruler if you are using the string method and measure the string. Once you have that measurement, just let us know what your measurement is during the checkout process, and we will get it made for you. Thank you for checking out our listing! Please make sure to take a look at all of our other handmade gear. Remember: for every item we sell, we will send a special bracelet to a child at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. To see our full collection and keep up with our latest Ribbon & Steel gear, check us out: On Facebook @ On Instagram @ribbonandsteel On Twitter @ribbonandsteel On Pinterest @