Hedgehog Baby Blanket Cashmere Wool Quilt Upcycled - Made to Order - your color choice - Heirloom baby boy or girl patchwork quilt Woodland
This is a "Made to Order" listing. I will make you this wonderfully soft cashmere baby blanket of your patchwork color choices. It will measure approximately 26" x 32”. (Sample choices in the quilt shown are: beige, brown, blue and aqua, with two needle-felted appliqué hedgehogs in coordinating wool colors.) The blanket will be double-sided with no exposed seams. It will be backed with wonderfully soft organic bamboo velour (Oeko-tex 100 certified), in creamy white, (the dotted backing fabric in the photo is no longer available, I will be using Organic Bamboo velour, which is super-soft, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, and resists wrinkles. Yes, bamboo is a renewable resource! (NOTE: please allow 3 weeks for me to make your blanket. And when it is finished I will ship it Priority mail. Thanks!) Handmade by the salty-seaside coast of Maine, I will make you this heirloom quality baby blanket, which is a one-of-a-kind patchwork quilt of 4 upcycled pure cashmere sweaters. Cashmere is a soft, and breathable fiber - so it's perfect year-round. The recycled cashmere sweaters are carefully chosen for their color and quality, and then felted in a hot water wash. Destined to be an heirloom piece, your wonderfully soft blanket will measure approximately 26" x 32”. Stylish and eco-friendly, your quilt will be perfect as a lap blanket and for cozying up a wee loved-one nestled in your arms; in the stroller; car seat, or crib. Natural cashmere is lovely to have next to your baby's skin. It is naturally water resistant and will keep your little one warm, cozy, and comfy as ever. Hand wash using gentle soap. Lay flat to dry. NOTE: The wool appliques on this baby blanket are needle-felted into the cashmere sweater wool and are very durable, stronger than if they were sewn on. However, if you have any concerns about your baby chewing the appliques off, I recommend using the blanket only at times when your baby has supervision, such as lap time, in a stroller or car seat, but not overnight in the crib. Thank you for browsing REVERIE Textiles