Mini Creature/Monster Vash (Trigun Maximum)
A mini yarn, pom pom-based figure/plush of creature Vash from Trigun! He goes by many names—la creatura, creechur Vash, biblically accurate Vash, etc.—but his adorable form remains the same! (Teru Vash plush is just there for size comparison and does not come with the beast himself.) - Please note: these are made to order, so they will not immediately ship. If you have time constraints or concerns, absolutely message me! - You can get yours with or without a braided loop, as you can see on the standard yellow mini creature! - Colors can be customized! (Including pride variations!!!) Message me before ordering so I can see what's available and make you the perfect beast. - Dimensions are approximately 6" long x 6" wide x 3" tall, though due to being handmade, this can vary slightly! - These plush are made of tightly packed yarn that can hold up to most play, but wouldn't be the best choice for a small child as it could become a choking hazard.