Dragon Fly Pendant and Earrings in Bronze and Faux Enamel
Pretty jewel tones of blue, green, and teal with a bit of sparkle and Faerie Dust ! This pendant set is ever changing in iridescent colors of blue, green, purple and any colors between, depending on the light. These pretties will enchant you and those around you, as you slip their magic on and dance with the Fae or quietly mingle with Will-o'-the-wisps of the forest, creek or mountain. Length: 21" - Necklace 2 3/4" - Earrings (7/8" to 1") 1 1/2" - Pendant (3" wide) Materials: Bronze jewelry components, Faux Enamels, Faerie Dust (muggles call it glitter), acrylic embellishments and a liquid acrylic protective coating. The materials are all combined uniquely by me every time, with love, whimsy, what ifs and let's try it !! No two are ever exactly alike. If you choose to purchase my creation, I hope you will enjoy wearing this as much as I enjoyed making it. ** Please note that due to, camera flash, and/or lighting sources, your computer's monitor's brightness, contrast and other settings, there might be some slight differences in the color - tone/shade of the item in the photo on this website and the actual item. I have done my best to use photos that depict color as it actually is on item. Thank you for your interest - Mindy Red Owl