Read E-Z book cover/holder in Library fabric
The Read E-Z is no ordinary book cover! The Read E-Z is a tension-release book holder/cover that holds your book open while you read, allowing for hands-free reading. No need to undo the strap to turn the page, simply bend the book and the strap relaxes out of your way so you can turn the page like you normally would, then the Read E-Z snaps back to hold your book open again. When you are done reading, use the built-in book mark to mark your place, close the Read E-Z with the snaps, and it is ready for storage or travel. Instruction/information sheet included for first time users. Over 200 fabric designs to choose from, 4 main sizes, and customizable to fit your special book, journal, bible, and more. Approximate sizes are: paperback 7 1/2" tall by 11" wide, trade paperback 9" tall by 12" wide, hardback 9 1/2" tall by 14" wide, and large hardback 10" tall by 16" wide. Since each Read E-Z is handmade, there may be slight variances in size. Due to certain fabric designs, there may also be variances in pattern placement. Therefore, no two Read E-Z's will be the same. Read in comfort and privacy wherever you like. Marathon reading sessions just got better! No more losing your place when you fall asleep, and no more reasons why you cannot read a physical book. Whether you like to read in bed, on a windy beach, while on our lunch break at work, or snuggled up in your favorite reading spot, the Read E-Z is a reader's best companion! Great for anyone who loves to read! Visit my website at see all the available fabric choices, sizes, reviews, and more!