Handmade Bronze Sea Turtle Necklace with White Stones and Blue Beads
I was playing around one day with the materials I had and decided I wanted to make a necklace to match some earrings I had already made and came up with this simple design. I fell in love with sea turtles one summer when I worked on an internship and learned so much about their endangerment and special adaptations! If you're anything like me you will love showing off your love for these amazing animals by wearing them all the time! I thought that the blue bead and white stones added a simple touch to an amazing animal. This necklace is approximately 26 1/2 inches long. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did you know? - All our jewelry comes gift wrapped - All purchases have a two week satisfaction guarantee - Every piece handmade and designed by a member of Raven Brooke Studios ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to stay updated with new products, then check out our Facebook Page and Instagram Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravenbrookestudios Instagram: @RavenBrookeStudios