Light Green and Blue Floral Casserole Carrier Tote
This casserole carrier is made from quality home decor fabric in a beautiful blue and green floral design on one side with light blue denim on the other. It is lined inside with two layers of Insul-Bright insulated lining to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. This carrier is easy to fold up when not in use, and assembles easily once you are ready to tote your casserole. Simply lay out the carrier, put your dish in the middle underneath the handle, then thread the handle through one loop, and then the other and pull up. The carrier can accommodate almost any size, from a small dish to as large as a 9x13 dish. Actual dimensions of carrier are 20" x 20". Carrier is REVERSIBLE! Use either side for the outside, simply turn inside out with the handle. NOTE: Because of the insulated/metallic Insul-Bright lining, these carriers CANNOT be used in a microwave.