Military Armed forces patriotic baby burp cloth set premium diaper marines coast guard army national guard air force navy turley
These adorable Military Armed forces patriotic lovers burp cloths will help you show your pride for our troops. Plus they are great burp cloths and fabulous shower gifts. These high quality burp cloths are made with premium 6 ply cloth diapers decorated with patriotic fabric. Your burp cloth set will contain 3 burps, one of each of the armed forces patriotic fabric. Check out the link further down for single burp cloth choices. All of the burps will be made with the same fabric as pictured, however it may not be 100 % identical to the one pictured, but will still be adorable. Only want one burp cloth- here is the listing for my shop Turleys treasures is not affiliated with any company. If you buy this listing you are hiring Turleys treasures for personal shopping and sewing services.