Kids & Critters Pillowcase Yellow with Punky Shoes 051407PC
Kids & Critters Pillowcase Yellow with Punky Shoes 051407PC $11 The name of this 100% cotton flannel pillowcase isYellow w/Punky Shoes. ONE pillowcase not a set. Standard size 30" x 21". What is a Kids & Critter Pillowcase you ask? A Kids & Critter Pillowcase is made of flannel so it's very soft and comfy. It's perfect for kids to take to camp, no one else will have one so it's easily identified and not left behind. Take on road trips, camping, and to grammas. They are great for critters too. Animals like soft and comfy things too. Just put their favorite padding in. It's great for padding the animal crate and just move it from room to room or into the car. The fabric was not pre-washed nor has the pillowcase been washed. Expect shrinkage. I am not responsible for the amount of shrinkage. Wash cool, low dryer. The pillowcase was made using the “tube” method which means no exposed seams which means no raveling which is important in flannel. Inventory #: 051407PC