mother earth is in our hands / free shipping / one of a kind
This little art quilt was made for a challenge involving Mother Earth. The inspiration for it was from seeing the NASA photo of earth in the 2nd photo. I took acrylic paint and poured it onto a scrap of fabric and it came out looking a lot like earth. Since I firmly believe that we as humans are ruining our earth with pollution and ravishing it's resources, my message is that it's up to us to save her. The painted earth was appliquéd to a background fabric and the hands were cut from a suede like fabric and attached using a fusible. After layering with a cotton batting, the whole thing was then quilted with an airy wind like design. After binding the edges, the back was cut behind Mother Earth and stuffed with fiber fill to make it puff out. The back has 4 fabric triangles at each corner to be able to put insert a wooden dowel for hanging. Your art piece can be hung on a nail,picture hook or my preference which is the command strip hooks. They make small ones perfect for hanging art. The size of Mother Earth is in your hands is 14 inches wide by 13 and a half inches long.