White Floral Twisted Headbands- Turban Headbands- Yoga Headbands- Turban Headwraps- Turban Headbands- Twist Headbands-Twisted Headbands
This beautiful white floral headband will be the perfect touch to any outfit. The functionality is impeccable. No more rushing to fix your hair or combing back those baby hairs with this perfect touch of elegance. Made from a soft stretchy fabric, the headband stays in place all day and does not stretch out. As an experienced seamstress, I know exactly what machine and stitch to use so this headband does not fall apart the first time you try to put it on. My stitching allows the fabric to stretch exactly how it was meant to and only quality fabrics are used. This particular headband has a combination of vibrant scarlet flowers on a white background with silky soft lace on the other side.