15" Flower of Life in copper
Flower Of Life This is a 15" wide Flower of Life made from spun 12 or 14 gauge copper. The flower has a total of 145 pieces of wire that have been cut, shaped, mitered to form a flat uniform design. I used a double strand of twisted copper on the outside circle for added strength and to make the two circles that are suppose to be there. I have spun ALL the copper because it increases the energy field of the piece. I use a lead-free silver bearing solder for all joints. Flower of Life if your looking at this then you probably know a good deal about the flower. It is a geometric design used for the creation aspect of the human form and resides with the female side of us. The flower has been found in temples and in the Egyptian pyramids so it's been around a while. The energy it creates is a soft, flowing, vibrant love aspect of our inner selves. As a wall hanging, it is a wondrous piece to contemplate on. I typically use these in my refrigerator to keep fruits and veggies longer (like another week longer) i use it under my water pitcher to structure the water. i use one in the bath, under my bed, etc..... anywhere you put one, it structures the molecules to a higher vibration. Crystals love to be placed on the flower too. The 12 gauge wire is more expensive due to added time needed to make, wire cost, wear and tear on my arm. In addition, there are well over 700 cuts made from wire cutters to form the exact shapes needed. you can also view more pics here: www.indigometalworks.com Namaste