flower of life in copper, larger version
made to order- time to make is typically 1-2 weeks plus ship time at 30 inches, this is the largest version of the flower of life i make. This version is expanded by one petal system so it has many more than a standard design. The piece is made of 12 gauge copper with lead-free solder. This piece lays perfectly flat. There are 258 finger length pieces of copper that are mitered with another 13 pieces that are large hand size circles and finally two large twisted sections that surround the piece. there are over 1600 cuts by hand cutters to insure accuracy. It takes about 40 hours to make so i don't make more than 1 a year. I use twisted copper on the outside to signify the two circles that would be there and the twists increase the energy by a great amount. Normally i would say these are great for structuring food and water but it's too big for my counter top, so a wall hanging is best- unless you have a really big counter top. It does look amazing on a wall! It's a large box that needs to be carefully packed so shipping is high. Please ask for shipping quote outside of the US please allow 1-2 weeks for creation. Namaste