Metatron's Cube in copper
This is a copper wire and silver solder version of the Metatron's Cube. It contains all five Platonic Solids plus the 13 circles or egg of life behind the geometry. This piece is 15" or 17" at it's widest span and each circle is roughly 3.5" in diameter. All wire has been twisted to create scalar waves within the piece. The geometric wire is a pair of twisted 20 gauge copper, while the circles are 10 gauge single strand spun wire. Each side or length of wire is separate from the next and I used silver bearing solder (lead-free) to joint sections together. This piece is not sprayed with an enamel coating so it will tarnish but that is part of the beauty of owning copper and of coarse, the polishing. The energy that this piece puts out is very trans-formative and will create scalar waves wherever it is placed. Try placing a glass of water on top etc.... If you know of Metatron's Cube, then you can understand the significance of making sacred geometry from wire and how much more energy is being created then say a drawing would provide. .