Purple LED lit Selenite egg resting on flower of life pedestal
Calling in the violet ray of Saint Jermaine. The energies of this piece clears a room great. The calming color of violet adds to the overall effect. This egg also represents the womb of creation. Copper flower part: I have used one petal system of the flower of life, then took half of that and created the base while inverting and creating the cradle for the egg. It's a beautifully elegant solution using the same repetition of the circles ARC. The copper has been spun and shaped carefully to bring forth the radionics of the flowers system. I used 14 gauge copper. Selenite: The egg is 2" wide and 3" high and polished to a super smooth finish. Selenite does a great job in transmutation of energies. LED: There is a single violet LED nestled inside the base of the egg and has a 5' wire that goes to a USB port. That means you can run it off your computer or phone charger. There is a inline electronic piece that keeps everything running great for the life of the LED. This is not the same type of LED that you see in the cheap light up bases but a high grade, ultra bright LED rated for 10,000 hours. all solder is lead free Made with love, cookies, and stuff. overseas shipping convo me for accurate price Namaste