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Belly dancing and unusual beaded items Belly dancing, . Please read shop policies before buying. Thank you. Just to let you know that what I do is more of a hobby with me then a business. I am retired and enjoy making good sturdy belly dancing items. Many of the items I make are one of a kind. I very seldom use patterns and if I do only for the basics of how that item is made. Loom work being the only exception and I even change that pattern some times. I make things for the pure joy of working with what ever material I am using and for the self satisfaction I get for making something pretty or unusual. I started making belly dancing costumes when I was a lead dancer in a troupe. I got tired of my theme song being " I fall to pieces. " My bra's are unique as they are made from regular bra's completely embellished in such a way that they still fit and are adjustable.