Simple Anti Itch Lotion
Because The Peke Pups are rescued puppy mill dogs, their start in life was not the best. They have many skin issues including yeast, allergies, etc. Purple Peke's main concern is creating products for skin conditions that are safe and natural and have results. Simple is all that. Anti Itch Lotion is all natural and aids in relieving the itching of dry skin, allergy/yeast skin. Apply to you dog's coat and watch him enjoy a more relaxed day, itch free day. 4 oz bottle Also available in mist form for long haired dogs. * paraben free * phosphate free * dye free * cruelty free * made in USA * handmade by Purple Peke * hypoallergenic * natural and safe * organic, therapeutic, pure essential oils and herbs * ethically sourced American ingredients and materials